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As current custodians of the School, our duty is to build upon the legacy left in our care, improve upon it where we can, and ensure the education we offer is fit for the lifetime ahead of it – the next 500 years. This is a moment for collective action. It is more than a celebration of the 500 years of education which has come before. It is a moment to look at the School we want to leave for the future and create something extraordinary.

There is much to celebrate, but in a changing world we cannot stand still. Whereas once we were satisfied to provide an outstanding education to Sedberghians, now we aspire to be the beacon of boarding school excellence in the North.

In order to do so we will deliver the following projects in Sedbergh School and Casterton, Sedbergh Prep School:

Technology Centre

We will create a new facility to drive forward the teaching and learning of Technology and Computing because we want Sedbergh School to be the Northern educational powerhouse for STEM innovation. This development will ensure that pupils have the skills to meet the challenges that lie ahead of them and to flourish in a technology-rich employment market.

This facility will focus on four critical strands:

  • The impact of technology on our lives.
  • The use of technology in design and industry.
  • Investment in developing technologies including Al and robotics.
  • Developing our pupils’ entrepreneurial spirit, technological skills and collaborative learning.

In a country where educational opportunity is so polarised, neither this nor any other of our facilities should ever sleep. We will make the Technology Centre available to local schools for part of the teaching week at no cost, with the support of Sedbergh staff.

We intend to start construction of the Technology Centre in 2023 in order that it is open in 2024.

Music and Sports Facilities at Casterton Sedbergh Prep School

We will invest in Music and Sports facilities at Casterton Sedbergh Prep School.  Creativity is the key to unlocking the entrepreneurial, problem-solving mind of all young people.  To give our youngest Sedberghians the best possible start, we will:

  • Invest in the teaching of Music through the redevelopment of this facility, enabling a greater range of musical talents to thrive in a modern and dedicated space which will cater for growing numbers of pupils interested in developing their musical talents.
  • Refurbish the existing Sports Hall at Casterton to ensure that we provide the best facilities for our youngest Sedberghians. We are very much “one school, two sites”, and for many of our pupils the journey to skills and success on the sports field begins at Casterton.  We want to strengthen that journey.
Green Investment Fund

We recognize the threat to nations, communities and infrastructure from Climate Change and are committed to cutting our emissions as well as reducing the environmental impact of our activities more generally.

Key energy savings projects we will fund through this appeal will include LED lighting, double glazing and insulation as well as modern efficient heating systems.  We must preserve and protect our historic buildings, but ensure they are fit for purpose and running efficiently.

We will ensure that the School is equipped with electric vehicle charging points for visitors and have already started replacing part of our minibus fleet with electric vehicles.

The School will fund the refurbishment work through surpluses and reserves, with work starting in boarding houses by 2025.  Parallel to this, the Green Investment Fund will support the environmental work to accelerate the reduction in our carbon footprint.


We will have 15 fully funded Scholars in the School by 2025.

Since 2012, 40 pupils have enjoyed the benefits of attending the School through receipt of a Roger Lupton Scholarship.  A similar number of pupils have also received support from the Robertson Trust Scholarships, a result of a legacy left by Maureen Robertson, the wife of Michael Robertson OS.

We will increase our investment in the futures of young people by providing opportunities for talented boys and girls who will benefit from a Sedbergh education, but for whom the cost is an insurmountable barrier.

All Weather Pitches

The investment in the Hirst Centre has given a huge boost to the range and scale of sporting activity and achievement at Sedbergh.

We want to continue to nourish the developing talents of our young sportsmen and women with two new top-class All Weather Pitches on New Field, next to the Hirst Centre.

The first phase of this work will be the construction of a new pitch for Hockey, followed by a second pitch which will be suitable for a range of different sports.  The refurbishment of the existing pitch on Station Road will follow thereafter.

These new facilities will enable the School to expand the provision of Hockey and other outdoor sports, as well as offering a broader range of facilities for local and national teams to use.