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We live in extraordinary times. The war in Ukraine has brought terrible pain and suffering to the people of that brave country, and challenged the world order. But it has also prompted unprecedented openness and generosity throughout Europe. The COVID pandemic has challenged the health of people and the economies of countries across the world. The impact of these crises will be felt for years to come, as we seek to restore peace and wellbeing, but we cannot climb this mountain alone. We are all wondering, “‘What next?” In setting out this vision we are answering that question and inviting pupils, parents, staff, friends and alumni to join together to ensure that Sedbergh fulfils its higher moral purpose to society and those who will follow.

Events of this magnitude herald unprecedented change, but their impact is not uniform. We know that disadvantaged communities in the UK, many in the North of England, have suffered disproportionately from COVID, and now from the adverse economic consequences of the war in Ukraine. And we fear that they will continue to do so, as we expect the benefits of social, creative and technological change unleashed by these crises to be unequal in their distribution too.

Sedberghians are fortunate to benefit from exceptional teaching, outstanding facilities and an unmatched landscape in which to live and learn. That good fortune brings a lifelong responsibility to enhance the lives of others. Parents, alumni and friends of the School acknowledge this as the higher purpose of our education and many of them have lived their own lives according to this credo. As a beacon of educational excellence in the North, our community must play its role in building a new future for children, our pupils and society. This campaign is about what Sedbergh can contribute to this cause: how Sedbergh can offer hope, build opportunity and enhance communities.

Dan Harrison    Ian Durrans SH ‘76
Headmaster      Campaign Chairman